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I first started a short-lived sports photography business on my elementary school ski trip. I graduated from the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and moved to New York and later Kingston, On, and Toronto to pursue a career in imaging of a different kind – scientific. I became an expert in advanced microscopy, always pushing the envelope of what could be seen in the depths of the living cells that had never been seen before. I published in high ranking scientific journals and later run a research imaging facility in a major Toronto hospital.

Gradually over the years photography became my primary focus and fulfillment. And with it came passion for cycling, be it road, track, cross-country mountain biking or cyclocross. My son's development into a high performance athlete might have had something to do with it. I started on the Ontario cycling circuit but soon expanded to cover a number of national and international competitions.

Since 2012 I am the official photographer of the National Cycling Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. Since 2015 I am a regular contributor to Pedal Magazine. In 2016 I became the official partner of the Ontario Cycling Association.

Of course, as a sports photographer I strive to capture the action at the perfect moment from the perfect angle. But it does not end there. Sports is one of those activities that can bring out joy or pain or the whole range of raw emotions. It is part of what makes us human. And those unguarded candid moments are the glue that always makes me stick around.

My other interests include portrait and studio photography, city, architecture, landscape and environment and I accept assignments in all of these areas.


My photographs appeared in:

Pedal Magazine

Canadian Cycling Magazine

Canadian Cyclist

La Presse

Ottawa Citizen

Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton Community News


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Photo © Elena Korenbaum

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