How do I search the site?

On the right side of every page there is a search box with the words "Image search" inside it. Click inside this box and the words will disappear. Type in the word or phrase you wish to search for and press Enter. A new page will load which shows you the results of your search. You can perfom multi-word searches and use boolean operators (such as "AND" or "OR").

What is a Lightbox and how do I use one?

A lightbox is a storage area for images you have selected and wish to keep to one side. Because your Lightbox is exclusive to your account anything you place in it will remain there and be available to you next time you login. If there are images you wish to shortlist over a period of time with a view to buying later, this is an useful way to keep them to one side. Another useful feature of your Lightbox is the ability to ask for a quote for a collection of images.

Where are your prices?

Images are purchased for different uses and because of this there are different price lists.

If an image is available for sale or licensing then it will have grey buttons displayed above it when viewed as a single image (i.e. when you click on a thumbnail) or at the bottom of the thumbnail if you hover your mouse over it.  If you wish to download the image (see below) or to buy a print click the Order Download or Order Print button to view the options. If you don't see your option listed, please request a quote.

What are the differences between the licenses?

If you wish to have an electronic copy of an image for personal use then buy a download using the Order Download button. This license gives you free rein to do as you wish with your image as long as it is not for financial gain. You can print it, use it on social media sites, or just use it as a screensaver but you may not use it for commercial gain.

If an image does not include a person, or the person included is not recognizable, then an image may be available as a Royalty Free download. An RF license allows use of an image for anything, including commercial use, and allows an image to be used again and again.

Other images are available for commercial use via a Rights Managed license. This is a license for a specific use of an image and the prices depend on lots of factors, such as how many copies would be printed, who would see it etc.

How do I order a high-resolution electronic copy?

Many images are available in a resolution higher than the copy available for direct download. In this case, the option is stated in the box at the top of the list of the available direct downloads for the image. Also, the description of the "original file" in the list then refers to the largest copy available for direct download. If you wish to purchase a higher resolution, click the "Order Download" button above the image and then click the link "Request a quotation" at the bottom of the list of available products and provide the details of your request. You will receive your quotation by email along with the instructions how to purchase and download the high-resolution image.

Where is my download?

Normally, an email with the download link will be sent to you automatically upon payment. If you don't find the email notification in your inbox after a reasonable time, please check your junk folder first and if you don't see it there please contact me. Make sure you supply a valid email address with your order.

How do I order a print?

Small prints are made by quality inkjet technology. Prints 8"x10" and larger are made by the traditional silver-halide process on Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Endura paper. The light sensitive material is exposed to light, creating an image that has the highest resolution available of any printing method. The prints are estimated to last six or seven decades before any noticeable fade. You can specify a number of print options:

Surfaces currently available are Luster or Glossy.

Because the aspect ratios of the images and the papers often don’t match, you will need to choose between scaling the image to fit the paper or zooming the image to fill the whole area of the print. The former will result in a print with two white bands along the borders which you can trim yourself if desired; the latter will crop the image from the center. The crop can be moved or adjusted upon request.

In addition, you can choose a print with a thin white or black border around the image. Remember that if you select Scale To Fit from the options above, the image will be scaled to fit within the area inside the border, but if you select Zoom To Fill the border will be overlaid over the edges of the image resulting in further cropping.

If you wish a preview you can request digital low-resolution proofs of different options free of charge.

How long will it take to receive the prints?

I will make every effort to process the order within one business day. Occasionally, however, it may take longer, depending on the workload. The photolab turnover time is usually 24 hours or less but it also varies depending on the options selected and the current volume in the lab. Xpress Post 2-3 delivery is available to selected locations. Please give yourself reasonable time to expect the orders.

Do you offer refunds?

Digital downloads: Sorry, there can be no refunds once the purchase has been made and the file downloaded.

If you have a problem with a file you downloaded, please contact me and I will ensure you receive a copy of the correct size and quality.

Prints: Any order that has not been processed can be canceled for a full refund. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact me within 14 days of the shipping. You can return the order, along with the invoice, to request a reprint or a refund. Ivan Rupes Photography is not responsible for damage incurred during shipping.